Experience A New Way To Exercise


Multi-Window LED Display


Incline-Matching Tech

Interactive Personal Training


Smart-Response Motor


Succeed on the NordicTrack C 700 folding home treadmill with the iFIT trainer. Each workout selected from iFIT’s live and on-demand library is guided by an iFIT Elite Trainer who will personalize the workout to your needs. Automatic coach control means your treadmill’s speed and incline will be digitally adjusted to match the terrain or meet the workout requirements.

Nordictrack C 700

The NordicTrack C700 is great for walkers, especially those who want to lose weight and improve fitness and endurance without putting too much stress on their joints. If you want something that will help you maintain good walking habits, power inclines, a variety of training and media options, and a high level of comfort in the comfort of your own home, the NordicTrack C700 may be for you. Built-in speakers and a tablet dock mean you’ll never get bored while training, and the fan and shock-absorbing technology should keep you cool, safe and stress-free.

Multi-Window LED Display

See all your progress at once
See all your important workout stats at a glance on the multi-window LED display that shows heart rate and distance. See how many calories you’ve burned with the integrated calorie burn meter.

Smart-Response Drive System

No need to worry about manually adjusting the incline or speed during your workout! With this Smart Response Drive system, your trainer can digitally control your 10% incline and 20 KPH speed.




2.75 CHP DurX Motor

Powered by a 2.75 CHP DurX motor, this treadmill is designed to withstand strenuous exercise. The drive system reduces vibration and is self-cooling, so you can get a satisfying workout time after time.

Adjustable Incline and Speed

You can intensify your workout with an incline of up to 10% or pick up the pace at speeds of up to 20 km/h. This versatile treadmill is suitable for all fitness levels.

Adjustable Cushioning

NordicTrack’s C 700 treadmill offers adjustable FlexSelect cushioning. You can choose to keep the cushioning, which will reduce the impact on your joints, or turn it off to feel like you’re training on the road.


The C 700’s AutoBreeze fan is a simple feature that can have a major impact on your workout. When you speed up, the fan speeds up too! You can also manually control the speed if the machine is unable to correctly determine the intensity of your workout.

Audio Entertainment

The C 700 treadmill includes a set of 2 built-in speakers and an auxiliary music port that allows you to plug in your smartphone or tablet to play music or listen to podcasts while you work out.

SpaceSaver® Design

Using an innovative folding design and hydraulic impact, we have created an easy and convenient storage solution for your treadmill.